BSc (Honours) Political Science

The Political Science major at LUMS introduces students to various aspects of the discipline including theoretical debates, methodological innovations and empirical developments with a focus on area studies. The discipline of Political Science is traditionally divided into four major sub-fields: Political Theory, Comparative Politics, International Relations (IR) and Political Sociology. The LUMS BSc (Honours) Political Science degree, situated within the Mushtaq Ahmad Gurmani School of Humanities and Social Sciences (MGSHSS) offers a wide range of courses covering all the sub-fields of the discipline. Furthermore, the structure of the program creates an opportunity for the students to engage with other domains of Humanities and Social Sciences so that they can meaningfully benefit from a broad-based, interdisciplinary liberal arts education at LUMS. Students are thus provided a platform to engage in inter-disciplinary learning by taking courses in Sociology, Anthropology, Psychology, History and Economics along with the core Political Science requirements.

Starting with introduction to Political Science, Comparative Politics, IR and Political Theory, the program incrementally builds on these foundational courses. The more advanced courses thus situate students within the contemporary debates across the sub-fields. Important themes within Comparative politics such as democratization, nationalism, civil-military relations, civil society, social movements, and governance are covered across several courses offered by the Political Science faculty. The Political Science program also offers a set of courses that explore politics within individual countries such as Pakistan, India, Afghanistan, China and the US. Within the domain of IR, the program attempts to expose students to on-going debates covering theoretical dimensions of international politics, security studies, international conflict and conflict management, diplomacy and regional security. Another innovation within the Political Science major are a set of courses within the domain of diplomacy and foreign policy offered by the practitioners. The practitioners thus bring in a unique perspective through their reflections on conduct of foreign policy beyond theoretical debates. The Political Science major also focuses on providing methodological training to our students by offering courses on qualitative and quantitative research methods. This training is a prerequisite for undertaking Senior Projects.

The Political Science graduates thus leave LUMS with an exposure to various sub-fields of the discipline, a foray into both the theories and methods of the subject and an ability to situate empirical observations within broader theoretical literature. Most of the courses are reading-intensive with a view to train students to critically evaluate the academic literature. Our students have gone on to successful careers in governments, international organizations, academia and civil society. Some of our students have successfully completed graduate studies in various educational institutions of higher learning across the globe. We in the Political Science major aspire to train our students to comprehend and evaluate the political developments shaping our lives through an academic, critical and fair lens.

Mode of Payment

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