The LUMS Mushtaq Ahmad Gurmani School of Humanities and Social Sciences (MGSHSS) enjoys a strong reputation of academic excellence, especially with its Departments of Social Science and Economics considered as the strongest in Pakistan. Focusing on a multidisciplinary approach so that students study a mix of wide ranging courses, the SHSS imparts long-serving and high-quality liberal arts education, touching on philosophy, sociology, anthropology and literature among others.

The MGSHSS has contributed greatly to the country's repertoire of superior multidisciplinary education in the liberal arts. The faculty at MGSHSS holds impressive credentials from leading international universities and includes acclaimed experts and scholars with significant publications to their credit. Many members of the faculty continue to advance within their respective research interests.

The school was originally known as the School of Arts and Sciences; in 2006 it took on the title of SHSS (School of Humanities and Social Sciences) when there was a shift of some science disciplines into the new School of Science and Engineering. After the first batch of Law students graduated from the School in 2008, the school title was revised to the School of Humanities, Social Sciences and Law (MGSHSS). In 2012, the school was renamed as Mushtaq Ahmad Gurmani School of Humanities and Social Sciences (MGSHSS) to honour the contributions and generosity of Mr. Mushtaq Ahmad Gurmani and the Gurmani Foundation to education in Pakistan and to LUMS in particular. By the next three years, the University will establish a separate School of Law. During this time the current Department of Law and Policy will continue to operate as part of the MGSHSS.

The MGSHSS' growth at LUMS is directly linked to the thriving of social sciences in Pakistan, where once there was a dearth of interest in social sciences at higher levels of education. This was taken up as a challenge by the MGSHSS, and education at the School carefully evolved. Individual disciplines were grouped together under the umbrella of one school instead of being branched into different departments, allowing for varied disciplines such as philosophy and psychology to work together, when offered as interdisciplinary courses.

Exposure to studies at the MGSHSS has led to many students developing a deep interest in the social sciences and several have opted to pursue their PhDs in liberal arts. Some graduates have gone on to serve as faculty members at LUMS and credible universities in other parts of the world after completing their doctoral degrees.

The school's curriculum is rooted in the original design of the University's undergraduate curriculum which aimed to include a strong liberal arts component, initially called universal education. Although LUMS began its undergraduate programme by offering majors in Economics and Computer Sciences, this eventually led to an offering in Social Sciences as a separate major. The curriculum has been carefully designed and developed over the years by the faculty at LUMS, in conjunction with feedback from distinguished faculty from international universities.