The Mushtaq Ahmad Gurmani School of Humanities and Social Sciences is the leading humanities and social sciences programme in the country with an established reputation of producing graduates who have become leaders in understanding and shaping society. Since its founding as an independent School in 2012, MGSHSS has earned an international reputation in the field of humanities and social sciences. A community of world-class scholars, the vibrancy of the teaching, the quality of the research, and an outstanding curriculum all combine to produce an undergraduate programme of the highest international standards.

MGSHSS consists of two departments: Economics; and Humanities and Social Sciences (HSS). It also houses three centres—the Mahbub Ul Haq Research Centre, the Saida Waheed Gender Initiative, and the Gurmani Centre for Languages and Literature. The School offers majors and minors in Anthropology and Sociology, Economics, Economics and Mathematics, English, History, Political Science, and Politics and Economics. In addition, there are minors offered in comparative literary and cultural studies, gender and sexuality studies, philosophy, psychology and religious studies. In 2018 the School launched an innovative core curriculum which encourages students to acquire knowledge and understanding by delving into works on politics, scientific reasoning, sociology, economics, culture, religion, art, literature, and aesthetics. The modern world is beset with challenges that are multi-faceted - be it poverty, terrorism, pandemics or climate change. To understand and address these issues requires a holistic understanding, a broad foundation of knowledge and a diverse set of transferable skills. The School core ensures that every student has these inter-disciplinary skills and that they emerge as reflective, empathetic, and historically informed individuals, with an understanding of both global and local current issues.

At the School we will strive to have our students graduate with the capacity to explore widely and deeply, think creatively and critically, and express ideas clearly and effectively. By realising their full intellectual and personal potential, students will contribute to the betterment of society in Pakistan and the wider region. MGSHSS aims to nurture individuals to be principled, intellectually engaged, and socially responsible members of society who aspire to change the world around them through inspirational leadership and transformative community participation.