Minor Economics

Students intending to minor in Economics are required to complete Three (3) core courses (mentioned below in the table) and three electives. The three electives could range from 200, 300, to 400 level courses depend on weather student has taken the required prerequisites for an elective. Out of three electives, at least two electives could be at 300 level or higher. Intermediate Micro, Macro or Stats and Data Analysis could be taken as elective, if not taken as a core. Economics electives exclude Principles of Economics, Senior Project, Independent Study and DCW.

Economics Core Courses

1.      ECON 210 Principles of Microeconomics

2.      ECON 212 Principles of Macroeconomics

And anyone of the following

3.      ECON 220 Intermediate Microeconomics

4.      ECON 222 Intermediate Macroeconomics

5.      Statistics and Data Analysis