Dr. Irfan Moeen Khan is an Assistant Professor of Religion at the Mushtaq Gurmani School of Humanities and Social Sciences. His dissertation entitled Rethinking the Sufi Shrine: A Metaphysics of Presence looks at the theopoetics of ritual experience of pilgrimage to Sufi shrines in the Indus, and the politics of scripture in regulating vernacular Sufism. His academic specialization is in the study of religion, Sufi metaphysics and aesthetics, and Islamic reformism.   

Areas of interest: comparative mysticism, philosophy, print technology and reform, political theology, and Quranic studies.    

He teaches the following introductory and upper-level courses: “Introduction to Islamic Studies (a survey course),” “Theories and Methods in the Study of Religion,” “What is Islamic History?” and “Approaches to the Study of Islam.” 



  • PhD Harvard University, MA
  • M.A McGill University, Montreal
  • B.A Millersville University, Penn.