Comparative Literary and Cultural Studies (CLCS)

The minor in Comparative Literary and Cultural Studies (CLCS) extends across disciplinary boundaries and methods, asking students to engage with a variety of aesthetic and discursive forms in an attempt to better understand the human condition. In particular, CLCS is interested in enabling students to recognize the structures of power and hegemony that have shaped postcolonial societies and cultures, and consequently to grapple with the productive possibilities—artistic and scholarly—that this recognition engenders. Drawing on methods that broadly lie in the domains of the anthropological, the aesthetic, the literary-historical, the creative, and even the technological, CLSC is an attempt to develop an ethical humanistic engagement with the contemporary world.

Core Courses

  1. CLCS 1000 Engaging with Texts and Contexts (team-taught)


  1. CLCS 3000 Methods in Comparative Literature, OR
  2. CLCS 2311 Fiction Writing Workshop – I, OR
  3. CLCS 3211 Research Seminar in Screen Studies, OR
  4. CLCS 3321 Translation Studies Workshop


Reel Pakistan

Reel Pakistan: A Screen Studies Forum is a journal of working papers from the annual CLCS Screen Studies Symposium at LUMS and an open-access publication run by film and screen studies faculty of CLCS.




  1. Dr. Fatima Fayyaz
    PhD University of Tehran
  2. Dr. Zebunnisa Hamid
    PhD SOAS
  3. Mr. Zahid Hussain
  4. Dr. Gwendolyn S. Kirk
    PhD University of Texas at Austin
  5. Dr. Maryam W Khan
    PhD University of California Los Angeles
  6. Dr. Moeen Nizami
    PhD University of the Punjab
  7. Mr. Bilal Tanweer
    MFA Fiction Writing, Columbia University