The Mushtaq Ahmad Gurmani School of Humanities and Social Sciences (MGSHSS) is introducing a new Core Curriculum for its undergraduate studies from the entering class of 2018 onwards. The Curriculum aims to ensure that every student graduating from MGSHSS with a Bachelor’s degree possesses a broad foundation of knowledge and a diverse set of transferable skills. The interdisciplinary nature of the Core will help ensure that students emerge as reflective, empathetic, and historically informed individuals, with an understanding of both global and local current issues.

Based on the LUMS philosophy regarding undergraduate education, the School has created six thematic clusters from which students will be required to take at least one course each over the duration of the degree. These are:

The Core Curriculum will be completed over the course of the Bachelor’s degree, with three core courses required in the first year, one bucket course in the sophomore year, and two courses in the junior/senior years.

In the first year, the students will choose options from Social and Behavioral Sciences, STEM, Arts and Humanities, and will be force enrolled in Writing and Communication (which is currently offered as a University Core). In the second year, the students will choose courses from Contemporary Debates and will be force enrolled in Islamic Studies and Pakistan Studies, if not taken in the first year (again, already offered as University Core). In the third and fourth years, the students will pick courses from both clusters—Great Authors and Academic Writing. The Core Curriculum, along with the current group of University Core courses, adds up to 32 credit hours of coursework. The students will still be able to pursue a minor in addition to their respective majors and there will be ample space to take free electives.

All first year students will be allowed to enroll in upto 16 credits ONLY in their first year.

Islamic Studies and Pakistan Studies will be offered for the entering class only in the Sophomore year.

Majors will be declared either in or by the end of the fourth semester.

The new MGSHSS Core Curriculum will be applicable only to the first year batch of 2022 and subsequent batches. It will not apply to the batches of 2021, 2020, 2019, 2018, or to super seniors currently enrolled at MGSHSS; these students would need to fulfill only those requirements that have already been established by the University and the School.