Third Issue of MGSHSS newsletter "Guftugu"

The third issue of Guftugu is here. Slowly this is becoming a tradition, as it enables us to share news regarding MGSHSS and to introduce the various accomplishments by our faculty and students. Among our many achievements, we are most proud of the four-week Advanced Summer Learning Initiative (ASLI) that we organised for students who needed extra help outside of the classroom. In Fall 2018, MGSHSS also launched its Core Curriculum and after some mild hiccups we were off to a great start. Further, our advising unit now has an online advising system which the three tiers of our advising system—staff, faculty, and peer advisors—use to more effectively provide academic advising to MGSHSS students. In addition, throughout the semester our Learning and Mentoring Center served students who needed assistance in English and Maths.  Along with these progresses, we have been busy with hiring new faculty, consolidating new programmatic initiatives, organising innovative lectures and seminars, and creating a vibrant cultural life on campus. All this and more is covered in the pages that follow. As always, Guftugu represents the best of what we offer as a School and highlights the creativity, dedication to excellence, and the vision of our faculty, students, and staff.

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