Syed M. Hasan publishes article in the Journal of Developmental Entrepreneurship

Syed M. Hasan, Assistant Professor, Department of Economics at Mushtaq Ahmad Gurmani School of Humanities and Social Sciences (MGSHSS) has published an article titled, "Great engines turn on small pivots: A productivity analysis of small-scale manufacturing in Punjab, Pakistan" in the Journal of Developmental Entrepreneurship (October 2018).

The is paper uses estimates of total factor productivity of small enterprises to identify the reasons underlying idiosyncratic variation. Empirical analysis is used to segregate internal and external determinants of productivity using a novel dataset. For reliable estimation, the baseline estimates are corrected for simultaneity bias using instrumental variables and selectivity bias through Heckman correction. Results identify significance of factors operating within firms; educational qualification and professional training of entrepreneurs for higher levels of productivity and the external drivers of productivity differences; sources of energy, selective access to credit and agglomeration economies. The research has important implications for entrepreneurs and policy intervention.

Dr. Hasan obtained his PhD in Economics from Ohio State University in 2014. His doctoral research focused on spatial policy instruments and firms productivity. Under the broad theme of sustainbale development, Dr. Hasan also has interests in research on resilient cities. In this context his research focuses on areas related to provision of drinking water, estimating economic cost of traffic congestion and residential carbon emissions associted with large urban centres.

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