MGSHSS Faculty Research and Teaching Awards

The first MGSHSS Ferozsons Research and Teaching Awards were given out last week.


Excellence in Research Award

Dr. Syed Muhammad Hussain was awarded the prize for Excellence in Research. Some. Listed below are some of Dr. Hussain's recently published and accepted articles:

Asymmetric Effects of Exogenous Tax Changes, Journal of Economic Dynamics and Control, 2016 (forthcoming)

Reversing the Brain Drain: Is it Beneficial? World Development, March 2015.

The Contractionary Effects of Tax Changes on Productivity: An Empirical and Theoretical Analysis, Journal of Macroeconomics, March 2015.

“A Note on the Cogley-Sims-Nason Approach” Economics Letters (forthcoming).


Excellence in Teaching Award

The Teaching Committee conferred the Excellence in Teaching award on Fatima Mustafa. 

Fatima Mustafa is a Teaching Fellow in Political Science and has managed to consistently teach several large classes - with a heterogeneous mix of students - superbly.

Please join us in congratulating both our faculty members for this wonderful achievement.