The Final Quarterly Debate

The final quarterly debate of the academic session 2017–2018 was held on March 26, 2018. The motion under discussion was: “THBT the judicial activism by the Supreme Court has done more harm than good to democracy”. The team on proposition comprised of Senator Musadik Malik, Mr. Waqqas Mir, Ms. Aminah Qadir, and Mr. Sajjad Mir. Mr. Shafqat Mahmood, Mr. Wajahat Saeed Khan, Mr. Raza Hassan, and our very own Taha Iqbal from DRUMS fulfilled the role of the opposition bench. The multi-dimensional debate familiarized the audience with the legal, political, and social aspects of the judicial activism to ensure that the audience formulated a definitive idea of the pros and cons of judicial activism in the context of Pakistan. The speakers employed logic and rhetoric to sway votes to their sides and the auditorium remained full throughout. At the end, team proposition won the debate, getting 98 votes as compared to opposition’s 89 and the motion passed.