Fifth issue of MGSHSS newsletter "GUFTUGU"

Dear Colleagues, Students and Friends,

The fifth issue of Guftugu us here. We have come a long way since the first issue of Guftugu came out more than two years back. Our conversations within and outside this newsletter have grown across disciplines, schools, and even the University. Today, building on the past hard work of faculty and administrators, MGSHSS stands as an example of what an excellent program in the humanities and the social sciences can aspire to be in any part of the globe, let alone our own region. To take a few examples, no other University, at least in Pakistan, can boast having a group of more than twenty PhDs in Economics from some of the best universities in the US and Europe, teaching in one department. Similarly, we have a mix of junior and senior political scientists in our growing program. Our history faculty is changing the contours of the field by publishing pertinent and provocative research. In the past few years, MGSHSS faculty has published in highly-ranked journals and authored books with internationally-recognised Presses.

We are not sitting back and merely basking on our laurels, but constantly creating opportunities to further improve ourselves by participating in international conferences and also organising workshops, symposia, and seminars. In addition to this, we have hired new faculty and consolidated new programmatic initiatives. Most importantly, our excellent faculty, invigorated advising system, and the overall supportive environment have meant a better learning experience for all our students who continue to excel in their academic and future work-related endeavours. Moreover, MGSHSS has pioneered special weekly classes in English and year-long tutoring in English comprehension and mathematics for those students who require it. In the same vein, our third Summer program for academically-weak students will commence in June-July. Our effort is directed towards the entire University as we are committed to the idea of lifting all boats together. As we enter another new year, we re-dedicate ourselves to the pursuit of knowledge in order to serve our students and faculty alike.

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