Advanced Summer Learning Initiative: Second Cohort Graduates

The Advanced Summer Learning Initiative (ASLI) serves a diverse community of rising second year students in a holistic four-week, fully funded academic residential program. It is designed to re-integrate students, who were struggling academically, to the challenging structure and rigor of the university and provide with opportunities to foster meaningful academic and social connections. Students enrolled in reading, writing, communication, math in economics, and seminar courses. Additionally, they were provided with access to a comprehensive suite of academic support, advising, and peer counseling to ensure academic success at LUMS. To this end, ASLI aims to provide students with culturally respectful, thoughtful, and rigorous peer-led support to bolster their ability to thrive academically and socially. Whatever their backgrounds, departure points, or academic interests, students will find in ASLI a community of fellow scholars and mentors committed to helping them succeed in their undergraduate careers.

The program started off on Sunday, June 23 with a welcome dinner arranged for the incoming students at the Executive Dining Hall (EDH). The students had to follow a rigorous schedule of classes which started at 9:30 A.M. and ended at 4:30 P.M., followed by an hour-long mentoring session with their peer advisors. While ASLI aims to introduce students to the rigour of an undergraduate degree at LUMS, it also helps students to integrate socially through weekly cultural excursion on Fridays and ice cream socials on Wednesdays. Students travelled to the Gangasingh Border in Kasur City, old Lahore and ended the program with a trip to Haran Minar and Nankana Sahib. On Friday, July 19 the students received their participation certificates and final stipends in a closing ceremony at the Executive Dining Hall (EDH).
The Dean’s Office at MGSHSS aims to track the progress of ASLI students for the incoming year in an attempt to foster a long-term association with our students.