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Corneliu Bolbocean (Associate Professor, Economics) published an article titled “The Impact of High Intensity Care around Birth on Long-Term Neurocognitive Outcomes” in Health Economics Review (2020).

The background of the study exploits uneven geographical distribution of high intensity birth hospitals across Canada to generate comparisons across similar Cerebral Palsy (CP) related births treated at hospitals with different intensities. We employ a rich dataset from the Canadian Multi-Regional CP Registry (CCPR) and instrumental variables related to the mother`s location of residence during the time of birth. We find that differences in hospitals' intensities are not associated with variations in clinically relevant, long-term CP health outcomes.

Our results suggest that existing matching mechanism of births to hospitals within large metropolitan areas could be improved by early detection of high-risk cases and their subsequent referral to high intensity birthing centers. In addition to this, substantial hospitalization costs might be averted to Canadian healthcare system ($16 million with a 95% CI of $6,131,184 - $24,103,478) if CP related births were assigned to low intensity hospitals and subsequently transferred if necessary to high intensity hospitals.

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