• Civil Economy
    Book / Book Chapter

    Civil Economy: Re-imagining an Ethical Economy and the Implications for Citizenship by Dr. Khalid Mir (In Progress)

  • Drought and Farmer Productivity
    Book / Book Chapter

    Drought and Farmer Productivity: The role of Linguistic Fractionalization in Pakistan - Development and Change by Hadia Majid and Hana Zahir (2014)

  • India-Pakistan Trade
    Book/ Book Chapter

    India-Pakistan Trade: Strengthening Economic Relations: Pakistan-India Trade in Services: An Analysis of the Health Sector by Hadia Majid and Nadia Muktar  Publisher:  Springer Publications

  • The Australian ‘National Interest’ in the Asian Century
    Book/Book Chapter

    The Australian ‘National Interest’ in the Asian Century:Trade, Investment and Security - Australia in Asian Century: Achieving Financial Stability through Financial Market Integration by

  • Is Decentralization Good for Development?
    Book/ Book Chapters

     Is Decentralization Good for Development? Perspectives from Academics and Policymakers: Breaking The Countercyclical Pattern Of Local Democracy In Pakistanby Ali Cheema, Adnan Q. Khan, and