• Saba Pirzadeh publishes article

    Saba Pirzadeh (Assistant Professor, HSS) publishes article titled “Pakistani popular music: A call to reform in the public sphere” in South Asian Popular Culture (2018). For details: https://

  • Waqar Zaidi publishes chapter

    Waqar Zaidi (Assistant Professor, HSS) publishes chapter titled “Liberal Internationalism and the Search for International Peace”, in Christian Philip Petersen, William M. Knoblauch, and Michael

  • SDSB Pamphlet 2017-18
  • Nadhra Shahbaz Khan publishes monograph

    Nadhra Shahbaz Khan (Associate Professor, HSS) publishes monograph titled Maharaja Ranjit Singh's Samadhi: A Summation of Sikh Architectural and Decorative Practices (University of Bonn's Studies in

  • Khalid Mir publishes monograph

    Khalid Mir (Associate Professor, Economics) publishes monograph titled Ethics and Economic Theory (Routledge, 2018). For details: