• Syed Zahid Ali publishes article

    Syed Zahid Ali (Professor, Economics) publishes paper titled “Price puzzle in a small open New Keynesian model” in The Quarterly Review of Economics and Finance (Vol. 69, 2018). For details: 

  • Muhammad Farid Ahmed publishes article

    Muhammad Farid Ahmed (Assistant Professor, Economics) publishes article titled “What Proportion of Time is a Particular Market Inefficient? … A Method for analysing the Frequency of Market Efficiency

  • China Pakistan Management Initiative
  • Syed M. Hasan publishes article

    Syed M. Hasan (Assistant Professor, Economics) publishes article titled “Waste Not, Want Not: A Case Study on Food Waste in Restaurants of Lahore, Pakistan”, in the Journal of Food Products Marketing

  • Anushay Malik publishes article

    Anushay Malik (Assistant Professor, HSS) publishes article titled “Public Authority and Local Resistance: Abdur Rehman and the industrial workers of Lahore, 1969–1974” in Modern Asian Studies (June