• Guftugu (Fall 2019-20)
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  • Noaman G. Ali publishes article

    Noaman G. Ali (Assistant Professor, HSS) publishes article titled “Agrarian class struggle and state formation in post‐colonial Pakistan, 1959–1974: Contingencies of Mazdoor Kisan Raj” in the Journal

  • Anjum Alvi publishes article

    Anjum Alvi (Associate Professor, HSS) publishes an article “Levinas and Ethics: The Death of Pope John Paul II” in Anthropological Theory (SAGE, 2019). For details:

  • Tania Saeed publishes book

    Tania Saeed (Assistant Professor, HSS) publishes book titled “Youth and the National Narrative. Education, Terrorism and the Security State in Pakistan” co-authored by Marie Lall (UK: Bloomsbury,

  • Rasul Bakhsh Rais publishes article

    Rasul Bakhsh Rais (Professor, HSS) publishes article titled “Geopolitics on the Pakistan –Afghanistan Borderland: An Overview of Different Historical Phases” in Geopolitics (Vol. 24, Issue 2,