Peer Mentorship

Batool Abid

Political Science

To the Class of 2020, congratulations on getting accepted to one of the best institutions in Pakistan. I am originally from Karachi but I have grown to become attached to Lahore over the course of the three years that I have spent in Lahore. When I came to LUMS, I had no idea how much this institute would change the way I think. I can easily tell you it has been a rollercoaster ride and I have grown exponentially as an individual at LUMS.

 You'll probably see me around lugging course packs to and from my dormitory but don't be afraid to stop me and have a chat!

 Other than that I would just like to tell you that when you come to LUMS you must have a goal in mind, whether its Fulbright, that job at MNC or even personal growth because when times are tough (which they are most of the time) that goal will motivate you to go the extra mile.

Also, a lot of times your email inbox is going to be bombarded with multiple emails from various departments and societies. Don't be afraid to avail those opportunities! I can safely say that in LUMS you learn outside the classroom as much as you learn inside.  Good luck!


Sahibzada Shahkar Ahmed

Economics and Political Science

When I came to LUMS, I had been one bright eyed kid, all over-enthusiastic and inquisitive. I wouldn't say it vanished away, but it did get tamed down a little. On campus you can find me, mostly at the khokha with my friends, laughing at anything and everything. If not there than at one of the eateries, that is guaranteed. My love for food is eternal. 

I did my matric and intermediate from Multan. Applying to LUMS was a very impulsive, last minute decision, one that despite being not very thoroughly thought about, is one of the best decisions I have made up to date. 

I grew up in Peshawar, moved to Multan and then to Lahore. While doing so, I tried to absorb the most of all the cultures and all the different types of people I witnessed. Now I aim at making the best of what is left of my time here in LUMS, and becoming someone who is able to make the best of all the blessing many others aren't bestowed with.

What I want to tell the upcoming batch is to come out of your shell as soon as you can, if you have one that is, and make friends. Meet people, know people. Turn them into friends. Good friends. You will be able to survive through anything if you have a good bunch by your side. 

And while you are at it, make sure you are open to new personalities, those with radically different ideas and thoughts than yours, be accommodating to diversity, especially when it comes to people. You will not regret it. Trust me on this. 

Given this, I'd want you to know I will be here for any and all sorts of issues at all times, I realize every freshman needs someone more experienced to be able to guide them, and I will try my best to be this person for you guys. So do not ever hesitate to get in touch with me! 


Munaiza Sher Muhammad Sheikh


When I came to LUMS from Larkana I hardly knew more than 2 to 3 people. There were not many people from my city already studying here. The reason it wasn't so easy adjusting but with time, this became one of my best decisions of life.
On campus you can either find me at the benches opposite the way leading to superstore, Rec or my room.

Never give up. Life is challenging at times but experience your true self by standing firm against these challenges and by giving your best.
The best thing I like about LUMS is that it gives you an opportunity to explore every field of career and thus, make an informed choice. I like to spend my time at LUMS mostly with the group of 5 I have because I believe these are the ones that will stick with me even after LUMS ends. In my spare time I like reading and watching shows, also travelling when possible. 


Sara Obaid ul Islam



I am a 21 year old, avid reader,TV-watcher and tea drinker.  I have always been very confused by people's love for lizards or cacti.  Also, I am very sure of the fact that I shouldn't take math courses anymore.

When I came to LUMS, I was seriously considering transferring to SSE, something that had been expected of me. My advice to the new batch would be to always try to be kind to others, and of course, always have mosquito repellent with you.




Mariam Ali Bokhari



I would describe myself as a 21 year old caffeine addict. I am always trying to read more and write better, and truly believe that I take way more history courses than I should.

When I came to LUMS, I was open to majoring in anything but Economics! But after experiencing what LUMS had to offer, without jumping into a rash decision, I actually started liking it.

On campus, you can find me hovering near the PDC coffee machine waiting for my umpteenth cup of coffee. Always remember, freshmen 15 is real- control urges to order roll parathas from the khoka at 4 am.


Asma Afzal

Political Science


I'm a Political Science major who is more in love with history. I sing a lot (really out of tune), and can probably beat you in antakshari. I love chai and I love winters in Lahore. I think people who needlessly put others down are the absolute worst (seriously, don't be that person). 

When I came to LUMS, I was fresh faced, energetic, and somewhat anti-social. It took time to learn the demands of college, get comfortable and step out of the shell and meet people.

 In the past year, you would have (almost) always found me in Lab 1. Alas, there were always readings to be done, and essays to be written. But this year you shall find me everywhere- outside SSE, sitting at Khokha, probably walking around singing really loud (do not judge). Piece of advice for the upcoming batch: You will see a lot here, you will learn a lot here. Be good to people. Be good to yourself. Do the best you can in the time you have and the rest will take care of itself. 


Iswa Wasif 



I believe I am still experimenting with the diverse range of disciplines LUMS has to offer. When I’m not busy depleting the supply of chocolates at Khoka, I’m usually reading up on my constantly changing interests which range from start-ups to poetry. I’m friendlier than I look (I promise) and I really look forward to meeting you all soon.

When I came to LUMS I hadn’t expected to settle in as quickly as I did, despite the inevitable culture shock and never-ending ‘Karanchi’ jokes (brace yourselves).

My piece of advice for you would be that you only get four years, make the most of it. It may seem hard at first, especially if you’re a hostelite, but try living in the moment instead of counting the days till you get to go home (been there, done that). Time really flies here; there won’t be enough hours in the day to do everything you want but try anyway. LUMS has a weird way of making you want to be the best possible version of yourself so make sure you come prepared. Don’t worry too much about the hurdles. No one gets it right the first time; you’ll make it. Most importantly, reach out. Don’t be afraid to ask for help. We have all been where you are now and you could really use the hindsight.

I look forward to working with the incoming freshmen and SAU in the coming academic year. 


Zainab Arif

Political Science


My friends would describe me as easy going and as a good listener-punctual than the average person and absolutely hate waiting.  I am obsessed with anything and everything to do with cats and Game of Thrones!

When I came to LUMS, I had no idea how much LUMS would change me as a person. It makes you much more aware of things and problems that you have never faced before and makes you a stronger person at the end of the day. It'll make you cry at times and put you through sheer torture but at the same time it will give you the most amazing experience of your life and you will wish that it never comes to an end.

On campus, you can find me basically everywhere. Mostly I'm at the khokha or the executive dining hall windows. During finals you'll find me in the IST Lab 5.

Never hesitate to experiment with your courses and extra-curricular activities because that is the only way to find out who you truly are and what you love! 


Muhammad Raafay Khan



I go out of my way to help people, friends or strangers. I am an understanding person, especially for the introverts who have a hard time hanging out with others. At my best, I can raise your mood to impossible levels and make you insanely happy. In my free time, I love to write and read when I’m not busy. I sometimes play basketball and occasionally do gym.

 When I came to LUMS, I was an introverted self-sufficient person who did not like to ask other people for help. Now, in my last year, I have learned that not only should one go and hang out with all kinds of people more, but one should also not be hesitant to ask others for help, who will always welcome you and help you when you need them.  

On campus, you can find me outside the PDc, or the khokha with a couple of my lovely friends. 

My piece of advice to the ‘young’ Luminites would be not to chase that girl or boy you have had a crush on since high school- chase someone new. 


Hooriya Rashid

Political Science


 I can proudly introduce myself as one of the few Lumunites who have lived in all the provinces of Pakistan. Therefore, I like to call myself ‘Multi- ethnic’ I love traveling and would never miss out on any of the LUMS Trips.  Other than this, I’m a crazy health freak. I like to know about all the nutrients in foods and pretend to be a food nutritionist. (Something my friends hate about me).

When I came to LUMS, I was a nervous freshmen looking for direction but everything worked out for me in the end.

LUMS is a whole experience in itself. Don’t take this for granted and learn from everything. Be it a course, a group project or just a conversation between two people. 



Saleh Hayat

Economics and Political Science


After my matriculation I went on exchange year   to USA to be a cultural ambassador of my country. I have been involved with Culture society, TED x LUMS and Community service society in college. Over the course of two years I have learned that involving yourself in extracurricular activities from sports to society events, one can learn about working with people from diverse backgrounds, learn to take responsibility, make friends and enjoy the life in college. I am looking forward to work as peer mentor to guide my juniors to make the right choices in order to have good healthy college life in LUMS.

When I came to LUMS I was happy to be in a diverse environment with competitiveness in academia and looked forward to learn, acquire more knowledge and make new friends.

On campus you can find me at kokha or infront of academic block available to you to counsel you or we can just hangout.

 I believe that what you learn from your seniors is very precious, so I tend to sometime hangout with my own seniors to learn from them about challenges currently present or that lay ahead of me.


Umer Farooq



Other than being a senior at LUMS, I like to play Hockey and read books. I am also part of different societies here.

 When I came to LUMS, I was excited and confused at same time. I was not sure about my Major preference. It was challenging for me to get through all procedures like enrolment of courses, course selection and joining different societies.

On campus you can find me in front of Library, Khokha, anywhere or just drop me a text message or email. The one piece of advice I would want to give to the upcoming batch is that take up diverse courses- you never know what you start liking.



Laraib Kamal

Economics and Political Science


 LUMS was the best thing that could have happened to me. Not only did I get out my comfort zone but being in LUMS put me in situations that challenged me and my belief system and as a result helped me grow.

When I came to LUMS, I was nervous and excited at the same time. But I believe it has been the best time of my life.

On campus, you can find me around the academic block or simply leave me a text!

One piece of advice I would want to give is that LUMS will change you as a person. Enjoy every minute of it and go with the flow!


Adil Farooqui

Economics & Politics


I consider myself an average Joe at LUMS. When I am not sleeping and eating, I spend hours reading news articles, watching TV shows (loves Boston Legal and Friends), playing football and being politically incorrect. I also greatly enjoy meeting new people and experiencing the unfamiliar.

When I came to LUMS, I had a set predetermined plans and goals in mind. Most have been altered and others have been replaced entirely. Expect to experience this for yourself by the end of freshman year.

On campus, you can find me in Jammin and Zakir, at the start of every month, and PDC towards the end (Don’t worry, you will understand, once you get here )

It is said a bandwagon effect isA psychological phenomenon whereby people do something primarily because other people are doing it, regardless of their own beliefs’. Do not fall victim to this when making decisions (major and societies included) at LUMS. Do your own research into something and decide whether it’s for you or not.


Ahsan Nadeem

Economics and Political Science


Having completed my O-levels from Beaconhouse Garden town I went on to do my A-levels from Beaconhouse Defence Lahore. I am a day scholar who lives a good distance away from LUMS. I have been on the DHL in LUMS for three years running and I am currently the Treasurer at the LUMS Entrepreneurial Society. 

When I came to LUMS, I was overwhelmed by the sense of achievement while being intimidated by the grandeur of this institution. Soon however things started getting tough and self-doubt creeped in. The first year was tough but once things got going my way, these years became the best years of my life. 

On campus you can find me running one place to another because I hardly sit somewhere for long. 

My advice to all incoming freshman is to believe in yourselves, this place can be intimidating but keep your focus and grasp every opportunity with both hands and you should be fine. 


Mariya Najam


Economics and Political Science




With a minor in psychology, I believe I have had the great opportunity of dipping my toes in a diverse pool of courses and activities.  I have been a part of the LUMS Entrepreneurial Society, as director events, and a TA for a few courses. I have also been a coach for Orientation week and am a peer advisor now. I will be graduating this year with hopes of pursuing a post grad degree and career in organizational behavior or Human Resource.


When I came to LUMS, I was very shy and new to the way things were here. I had always been a ‘nerd’ and had never experienced a very social school life with societies, events or lots of friends. LUMS was a complete roller coaster and changed all of this. I was able to find and bring out parts of me that I never even knew existed. It is truly an opportunity to experiment, to venture out, and to find yourself and what you stand for.


On campus, you can find me at the khoka, for any advice that you might need. What I would want to impart to the upcoming batch is to meet people: all sorts, especially those who think differently than you- these are the ones that teach you the most.



Mahnoor Bilal

Economics and Political Science


I have a developing interest in water economics and hydro diplomacy, I have been working at WWF Lahore as an intern in the water research department to learn more about the field. I also got the opportunity to work as a consultant for Harvard South Asian Institute on the Pakistan Projects. In LUMS, I have been the assistant director for SPADES socials and LES at LUMS. I have an interest in media and journalism; a field that I would like to explore in the near future.

In my free time, I like to work out or jog, watch movies and read Harry Potter. On repeat. I think ones GPA is a very flawed measure of analyzing one’s intellectual ability. It’s about as wrong as using GDP to measure a country’s economic success. Also, if Donald Trump becomes President, we should all atone for our sins because the end will be near.

When I came to LUMS, I was excited to begin a new journey and a little intimidated at first by the drastic change of environment. But I soon learned to love the tough classroom dynamics, the learning and diverse nature of subjects I could study, even the long and miserable research essays! I met amazing people, hit a few bumps along the way, made some bad decisions about courses but these experiences taught me some great, invaluable lessons.

On campus, you can find me anywhere you’d like to meet up. I am a text or a phone call away. One piece of advice I would give is not to trust anyone when they say ‘this is an easy A course’. Believe me when I say, those are the courses you’d likely end up with a bad grade in! I speak from experience. Also, not-so-fun-fact is that the SSE fourth floor is haunted. Don’t believe me? Go up there after 2 am and see for yourself!


Basharat Ali

Economics and Politics


I belongs to the valley of Skardu in the Gilgit-Baltistan region, where I moved to Lahore at an early age and  got admitted into  Aitchison College. After that, I joined IBA Karachi.  However after a semester in IBA I joined LUMS. After the first year at LUMS, I was selected as Cultural Ambassador for the fully funded Global UGRAD program funded by the State Department of United States, where I had the opportunity to highlight cultural and social issues As a result, I was elected as the Treasurer Amnesty International Society at Nazareth College Rochester. Apart from studies, I have the pleasure of  playing an active role in social work , working with various organizations.




Nawal Tauqeer

Anthropology and Sociology


I am currently in the final year of my undergraduate education am a part of DRUMS (Debates and Recitation Society at LUMS). I love spending my time doing anything but studying and can mostly be found reading books.

 When I came to LUMS, I didn't know what I wanted to do with my life - I still don't. Moral of the story: it's okay to not know 

On campus, you can find me at REC/Jammin Java during the summers and the khokha during the winters.

A piece of advice I would want to give is that it takes a few months to figure out which auditorium was where in the Academic Block. Be patient.


M. Ibrahim Khan

Economics and Mathematics



On campus, you can find me in the Math department.





Soha Hamid Baig

Political Science


Anime enthusiast, crave-r of wanderlust and too restless for my own good. I have tried to put a leg into any activity that interests or doesn't even interest me; sports, debate, medical services, studying random subjects or anything. Also, I love people.

When I came to LUMS, I was appalled with a plethora of reality checks. I did not know I needed so many things to survive on my own.

On campus, you can find me, everywhere.  I'm always around (at the khoka or wherever you like to hang out).

The most important thing that I want to tell the new students is to show up.  Be happy and be friendly. Make friends and make amends. 


Muhammad Shahzaib Khan



I was born and raised in Hyderabad and did my O and A Levels from Beaconhouse Hyderabad. I was a diligent student and was also part of my school's football, badminton and squash teams. knew I had come to the right place. There was just so much to learn. In LUMS, I joined AIESEC and I am currently the Vice President for Finance and Legal of the Lahore Chapter. I did an internship at Engro these summers.

Try to live a balanced life at LUMS. Do not give in to the urge to study or party all the time. Catch me in IST Lab2 near the door 






Amir Akhter Kazi



Amir is a very curious Econ major with a penchant for changing courses in add-drop, and a terrible habit of doing things at the last minute.  Sources have allegedly seen him accidentally entering the gym from time to time. He is from Karachi and when he came to LUMS, he spent the entire semester at the Khokha (Now called LUMS Square) and walking around outside REDC. His advice: Do at least two of these three: 1) Join a society and stick with it. 2) Go on a semester exchange. 3) Open a commercial or social Startup!