Chaudhry Nazar Muhammad Department of Economics



The Chaudhry Nazar Muhammad Department of Economics seeks to contribute to questions at the frontier of economic knowledge by drawing on the regional laboratory of economic and social life in South Asia and by collaborating with academics based at global centers of excellence in economic research. The Department has 21 full-time PhD faculty members who have graduated from renowned institutions in the US, the UK, and Canada, and who are dedicated to teaching and conducting research in areas such as macroeconomics, microeconomics, econometrics, development, environment, trade, and finance.
Our undergraduate programme provides Economics majors with a comprehensive knowledge of important theoretical and applied concepts in the field. We encourage our majors to learn how to pose interesting economic questions and apply economic theory and empirical methods in solving problems. Students are able to choose from three major areas: Economics; Economics and Political Science; Economics and Mathematics. Our undergraduate students go on to build careers in government, policy making, law, education, and business, with many pursuing post-graduate degrees.
The graduate programme is designed for fresh graduates as well as professionals seeking further training in Economics for career progression or change. MS Economics encourages you to apply your training to address and resolve major challenges in business and policy. We offer a two-track MS Economics programme after 16 years of education. The 1.5 year degree programme is designed for those with sufficient prior background in Economics and Quantitative Economics at the undergraduate level. The 2.5 year programme is designed for students who do not have a prior background in Economics, Mathematics, Statistics, and Econometrics.

Economics Programme Coordination Team

Mohammad Jamshaid Iqbal Programme Coordinator 2169
Khalid Pervaiz Senior Programme Associate 8223
Muhammad Rashid Senior Officer 8077
Fatima Kamran Programme Coordinator 8071