Quarterly Debates at LUMS

Friday, November 10, 2017

The first Quarterly debate of the session, held on the 25th Of October 2017, was a spectacle of exemplary argumentation and oratorical skills. The motion, “THB that PMLN’s politics are harmful to the civil military relationship”, was vigorously debated upon by the highly accomplished team proposition, comprising of Faizan Haider, Walid Iqbal, and Zahid Hussain, and team opposition, comprising of Malik Muhammed Ahmed Khan, Ejaz Haider, and Umair Rasheed. The audience particularly enjoyed the fiery rhetoric used by both the sides, adding that extra spice to the complex political terminologies being thrown around. The debate was concluded with an audience vote, which was won by team opposition with 80 votes as opposed to Proposition’s 72.