Mehr Afshan Farooqi Conducts Seminar Series on Mirza Ghalib's Poetry

Thursday, December 10, 2015

Mehr Afshan Farooqi, Associate Professor of Urdu and South Asian Literature at the University of Virginia headed a seminar series about her work on Mirza Ghalib. The first lecture of this seminar series was held on Tuesday, November 24, 2015, titled, From Blood to Ink: The History of Ghalib’s 1821 Divan. Ms. Farooqi discussed Ghalib’s struggle to compile his poetry and displayed pictures of the original manuscript of Ghalib’s Nuskha-e Hamidia. Interestingly, the original Divan had additional verses written in the margins, presumably by Ghalib’s hand.

The second lecture in this series was titled Cultural Exuberance of Metaphor in Ghalib’s Imaginings in the Urdu Ghazal. This lecture focused on Ghalib’s relationship with the Urdu language and how only a part of Ghalib’s work was actually collected and compiled. Currently Mehr Afshan Farooqi is working Ghalib’s rejected verses.

The seminar series was well ended and appreciated by literature aficionados from within and outside LUMS.