Centre of South Asian Studies at the University of Cambridge - Student Fellowship

Tuesday, July 4, 2017
5 outstanding senior projects were nominated this year by their supervisors to be considered for the student fellowship to the Centre of South Asian Studies at the University of Cambridge. They were:
1.       Amna Tarar (Amen Jaffar) – Bhandal: Performance, Power and the Creations of Publics in Rural Punjab (Supervisor: Amen Jaffar)
2.       Najia Sabhat - Working Class Masculinities, Lahore (Supervisor: Ayaz Qureshi)
3.       Zuha Siddiqui - Certified Truth Only: Press Censorship and the Urdu Digest(Supervisor: Maryam Wasif Khan)
4.       Zainab Khawaja - Health-seeking and health-providing practices across different healthcare systems: Questioning the hegemony of biomedicine (Supervisor: Ayaz Qureshi)
5.       Syed Ali Mehdi Zaidi - Roohi mai Hamai Azaadi Milti Hai: People Making and Placemaking in Cholistan Desert (Supervisor: Ali Raza)
The committee at Cambridge found all five projects to be of very high quality but finally settled on Zainab Khawaja and Syed Ali Mehdi Zaidi for the fellowship to the Centre. This was not only because of the excellence of the work – which was evident in all five projects - but also because the Centre for South Asia Studies felt it could put these two students in touch with faculty at Cambridge that were working in similar areas of study. Please join the me in congratulating all five students and particularly Zainab and Ali.  Zainab Khawaja is graduating this year as an Anthropology and Sociology major. She has also been accepted to do an Mphil at Oxford this October. Ali Mehdi is graduating as a history major.
Once again many congratulations to the students and their supervisors.
Ali Khan
Associate Professor and Department Chair