An Exhibition and Discussion with Arif Mahmood

Friday, September 7, 2018 - 5am

Napier Street
Arif Mahmood


Arif Mahmood is a photographer of both people and geography. He is a chronicler of time as well as of fact.

The Goan-Catholic Christians started migrating to Karachi in 1843 when Sir Charles Napier of the East India Company conquered Sindh.
By the time Mahmood began to photograph Napier Street in 2006, the Goan-Christian community had significantly dwindled.
During the last eleven years that Mahmood has spent documenting this community, he has become an archiver of Napier Street’s pasts and presents.
These photographs show us what Napier Street is now—faded, gritty, mundane—but at the same time, they reflect what is not necessarily visible, what Napier Street was—a place of dreams.

Arif Mahmood (b. Karachi, 1960) started photography in 1985. Mahmood has over twenty-seven publications to his credit, including limited edition portfolios and books,
as well has numerous solo exhibitions in Pakistan and abroad. His photographs are also in the permanent collection of the Museum of Fine Arts Houston USA.
At present, he is the Chief Operating Officer at White Star Photo Pvt. Ltd., a sister concern of Dawn Media Group.