Dr. Abid Burki Talks about Groundbreaking Study on Pakistan’s Dairy Sector

Friday, August 19, 2016

The Economics Department at MGSHSS launched a comprehensive, research based economic impact study of the dairy sector titled, “Pakistan’s Dairy Sector: Lessons from the Past to Build a Resilient Dairy Industry.” This July. The study was conducted by MGSHSS professor, Dr. Abid A. Burki and his team, this pioneering research is an evidence-based sector study in which state-of-the art measures of impact assessment have been employed on a longitudinal (panel) survey data. A key focus has been to highlight the impact of milk supply chain of UHT milk industry on productivity and welfare of smallholder dairy producers. 

Dr. Burki talks about groundbreaking study on Pakistan’s Dairy Sector:


Dr. Burki highlights some important findings from the report: