Minor Study of Religion

The study of religion program at LUMS currently offers students the option of pursuing a minor.

The minor in the study of religion functions, firstly, like other minors within the School of Humanities and Social Sciences by meaningfully contributing to majors and disciplines within the school such as Anthropology-Sociology, Politics, Economics, and History. It seeks to deepen students’ appreciation of the entanglement of religion with political, economic, and historical dimensions of social being and its academic study. For students majoring in disciplines outside HSS such as Law, Physics, and Biology the minor shall enrich, complement, and diversify their academic interests.

The more particular function of this minor is to introduce students to and engage them in the interdisciplinary approaches that are employed in conceptualizing and examining religion in the contemporary academy. It seeks to familiarize students with the theoretical and methodological perspectives that scholars of religion grapple with. It also aims to aid students in navigating and thoughtfully examining discussions and debates involving religion in academic and every-day settings. The cores and various electives of the minor allow students to analyze religious phenomena in methodologically self-aware and perspectival ways. The minor also enables and encourages students to pursue graduate careers in the study of religion, both in “applied” and “theoretical” fields. The courses offered by the faculty span various religious traditions as well as more general anthropological, textual, philosophic, and historical approaches to the study of religion.