Amna Jamshaid is a Teaching Fellow at the Psychology Department of the Mushtaq Ahmed Gurmani School of Humanities and Social Sciences at LUMS. She is an alumna with a Bachelor’s in Social Sciences after which she studied for a Masters in Mental Health Psychology from the University of Liverpool. Amna also holds a dual Master of Arts in Arabic and Islamic Studies, conferred as the degree of ‘Qualified Scholar’ in Arabic and the Islamic Sciences upon completion of the Dars-i-Nizami curriculum.

Her academic focus includes the cross-cultural adaptation of psychotherapeutic modalities and research into the philosophical foundations of various popular counselling theories in the field of modern psychology. Her graduate work at the University of Liverpool explored mental health perspectives prevalent in Pakistan today, with a key focus on identifying and addressing the nature of the stigma surrounding mental health and its treatment.

Outside of the classroom, Amna has established her own mental health service, Heads Up, where she conducts workshops and practices as a trauma-informed therapist and an ABNLP certified Master Coach. She has made her segue into the academics after working for a few years in the corporate sector and as an entrepreneur.