Raag Shaam-Thaath Pūrbī

Thursday, March 5, 2020 - 6:30pm
NIB Academic Block, LUMS

The Gurmani Centre invites you to attend the first Raag Shaam of the semester. This Thursday Ustad Imran Jafri will be discussing Thaath Poorbi.

The Raag Shaam series, running since Spring 2019, introduces the audience to the world of Eastern classical music. Ustad Imran Jafri, in conversation with Aamna Khalid, will take the audience on a journey of musical discovery. Learn about the world of Raags and Thaaths and how they continue to shape our musical sensibility.

Imran Jafri, son of Faiz Ahmed and disciple of Fateh Ali Khan Hyderabadi, comes from a long and rich lineage of Gawaliar Gharana. Apart from his personal musical accomplishments, he has also had the opportunity of working and spending time with Mehdi Hasan Khan.