Ownership Week at LUMS

Monday, December 4, 2017 (All day) to Friday, December 8, 2017 (All day)
LUMS Campus

Let's keep our campus clean! Come be a part of the Ownership Week at LUMS.

We want to re-engrave the value of pride, ownership, and strive to reclaim our campus. We wish to accomplish this with being mindful of the litter around us and to go out of our way to pick it up and to encourage others to do so in addition to activities happening throughout the week that are facilitated by the different student societies and schools. Cleaning is the responsibility of ALL of us throughout the week at all times but each day this will be led by the assigned societies and Schools (see schedule below).

Date: Monday, December 4, 2017 to Friday, December 8, 2017

Time: Activities will be taking place during the afternoon (lunch time) or during the evening (5:30 pm to 9:00 pm) accordingly, so stop by whenever you can

Where: LUMS Square, extended area (between PDC and Academic block), volleyball and tennis court area

Who can take part: The entire LUMS Community – the MBM staff will be given a break! Thank them for their services when you see them.

What is happening: No clean-up of the whole of LUMS Square by MBM staff. However, if cleaning does not happen, staff will intervene at 7:00 pm (but let’s not let that happen). Let’s be responsible and pick up after ourselves and encourage our friends to do so too!

Schedule of activities to be conducted by Student Societies and Schools at LUMS

Monday – Student Council, Dean of Student Affairs, VC, Director of General Administration, MBA Societies, Hum Ahang, LDS, and LEAF
Jam session, karaoke, tree plantation, face painting, blackboard campaign, board games and flash mob

Tuesday – SDSB (faculty and students), Music, SPADES, LCC, FINTRA and Literary Society
Jam session, book drive, interactive discussion and documentary

Wednesday – SAHSOL (faculty and students), LUMUN, DRUMS, LPS, PsychLUMS and Cultural Society
Compliment jars, open mic, sataar and dance performance, Environmental Lawyer, guest speaker and UN Simulation of the Environmental Committee

Thursday – MGHSS (faculty and students), SLUMS, LCSS, Math Society and Index
Volleyball matches, clean-up drive (all of campus), Sudoku competition and create-your-art/posters

Friday – SSE (faculty and students), Religious Society, Dramaline, IEEE and LMA
Closing Ceremony, Short Skits/plays, Table and Wall of Kindness (donate anything that can be of use to another), Wall of Quotes, paper plane race (with recycled paper), interactive discussion on the importance of respecting our planet and community in the different faiths and beliefs (over lunch). 

Added Attractions

A Graffiti or Express Yourself Wall will be placed near the volleyball and tennis court. Spray paint will be provided, however, please do bring your own if you can. This will allow you to be creative and let’s all collectively create an art piece, shall we?

The green belts near the khoka and extended khoka area will be open to gardening and planting. Gardening materials will be provided - plant a tree or a bush! Leave a legacy. Make a sand castle. The Ownership Week will start with a plantation ceremony conducted by the Vice Chancellor and Dean of Student Affairs.

Follow and/or tag all your activities, pictures, videos with #IamLUMS. We will have a time-lapse video to show the progress of the week on social media.

Respected Deans and all faculty members are invited to join the students to take part in these activities - especially on the designated day for their respective School.