Ahmad Bilal Awan Bazm-e-Adab Series: Noor ul Huda Shah in conversation with Moeen Ud Din Nizami

Thursday, November 7, 2019 - 4:00pm
Faculty Lounge, VC Office, LUMS

Noor ul Huda Shah in conversation with Moeen Ud Din Nizami

Noor ul Huda Shah is a playwright, columnist, and short story writer. Her first drama Jangal aired on Pakistan Television in 1983, to popular acclaim. It was considered monumental for its nuanced depiction of feudal society in rural Sindh. Subsequently she wrote a number of dramas, in both Urdu and Sindhi, including Āsmān Tak Dīwār (1986), Tapish(1989), Hawwākī betī (1990),Mārvī (1993), and Sammī (2017).She has also written numerous short stories, which have been compiled in a collection titled Jala Watan (2007). She believes in the ability of art to reform society and has raised awareness about various societal problems in her work. Her dramas have strived to counter stereotypes associated with sindhis, while also being critical of feudal traditions and practices. She has also been vocally critical of dictatorships and the establishment. In 2008, she received the President’s Award for Pride of Performance. She was also part of the 2013 interim government as a provincial minister. Currently, she writes a column for the online news forum HumSub.