The Tale of Lahore’s Water Crisis


Dr. Syed M. Hasan is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Economics at MGSHSS.  In order to help devise efficient public sector interventions, He is working in collaboration with WASA, PERI and the WIT Center on projects to provide meaningful price and non-price interventions to incentivize the conservation of water.

Memories of Khanabadosh 2016

“Khana Badosh” is a journey from Lahore through to Karachi, visiting important places in central and South Punjab, Sindh, Tharparkar, and Karachi in the process. The trip is supported by the Department of Humanities and Social Sciences (HSS) and the Mushtaq Ahmad Gurmani School of Humanities and Social Sciences (MGSHSS) for the promotion of cultural activities. The Government of Sindh has always been extremely generous in facilitating the tour in all ways including logistics, security, and other problems that might come up.

How Much is Enough?

The real world has its limits; the imaginary one is infinite.


Given our consumption and production patterns (global material extraction has nearly doubled over the last thirty years) there is growing concern that our economic system may be leading us to serious environmental and economic damage, if not worse. So, we need to ask ourselves if our obsession with commodities and economic growth isn’t reaching a natural limit.

OF A QUEST FOR CHAPPLI KABAB: Food, Migration & Home

In the spirit of the holidays, this week we are featuring a student blog project from Dr. Maryam Wasif’s class that explores food and cooking! The project that was meant for a course on Exile, looks at the link between food and migration in Pakistan, particularly exploring Pakhtoon cooking and the Pathan diaspora.



Tehnyat Majeed teaches Islamic Art and Architecture at LUMS and has curated the special exhibition “Rediscovering Harappa: Through the Five Elements” at the Lahore Museum