Academic Advising MGSHSS


Academic Advising aims to promote positive outcomes in MGSHSS students by supporting them through their journey at LUMS. It incorporates faculty, students and administrators who give both academic and non-academic guidance.

MGSHSS’ School Advising Unit (SAU) works in tandem with the newly introduced online advising system to offer three layers of advising support. Staff academic advisors are always available to help students during enrollment periods and to respond to their academic needs. Faculty advisors offer four mandatory one-on-one meetings with the students each academic year. Apart from these mandatory meetings, students can set up appointments and discuss their academic progress, work planning charts and social adjustment issues. In addition, the Dean’s office trains Peer Advising Leaders (PAL) for freshman and sophomore classes. These Leaders act as the first point of contact for students and work closely with the main advising staff in providing peer to peer advising. Working with Alumni Relations, SAU is also developing material to inform students what careers MGSHSS alumni have entered into and to provide testimonials and sessions with them.




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