About Student Advising Unit


The Students Advising Unit (SAU) aims to promote positive outcomes in MGSHSS students. SAU is dedicated to supporting students through their journey at LUMS with programs and guidance. SAU incorporates faculty, students and administrators to give holistic supports, both academic and non-academic.

Current Advisory Channels

  • Faculty Advising:  Faculty possesses the highest degree of specialized knowledge in their field. As disseminators of knowledge with an understanding of course schedules, faculty are also sources of guidance and inspiration.


  • Dean’s office:  Departmental coordinators advise of university regulations, requirements, general academic options and tracking of academic progress.


  • Peer advising:  For the past two years, upperclassmen who have successfully negotiated their academic, personal, social and extra-curricular activities have mentored and advised younger students at critical phases. 


What we do:

Externship programs

The Student Advising Unit plotted an externship program this semester. Externships are job shadowing opportunities occurring over 1-3 days. This year’s externships will occur over spring break (March 20-25th). The mission of externships is to provide experience to younger students to help expose you to industries of interest, build professional contacts, and add experience to increase chances of receiving internships in subsequent years. The externships this year will be held at Educational Services Pvt Ltd, Beaconhouse Group, Strategic Reforms Unit, Chief Minister’s Office, Ishtehari and National Institute of Folk & Traditional Heritage (Lok Virsa).

Mental Health Workshops

University life can get very stressful for students. Therefore, the MGSHSS Student Advising Unit collaborated with the Emergency Medical Services to host a mental health workshop on 18th and 19th February 2017. The workshop was conducted by renowned psychologists, Dr. Asma Humayun, Dr. Israr Ul Haq and Dr. Faisal Rashid Khan.

On Saturday, one-on-one free and confidential counseling sessions were offered to the entire student body. Then on Sunday, the doctors conducted a workshop on coping with stress, anxiety and more serious mental health problems. The purpose of the workshop was to help students manage any stress and anxiety that they face and to train students on how to identify more serious issues to help themselves and other students on campus.

After the interest shown in this workshop by students, SAU pledges to host similar workshops in the future. Future workshops will involve the staff and faculty to ensure the entire LUMS community benefits from further education and awareness around mental health.